Sam Kittinger (b. 1990) is designer and developer in Baltimore, Maryland. He is currently an art director at OneMain Financial, previously at Younts Design Inc and Drexler. Sam has studied and taught graphic design at MICA, and also studied music production at Berklee School of Music in Valenica, Spain.

Sam makes music under the name Güttinger.

A.K.A. The Magician

Installation design, 2018.

With the prompt to create a design that represents an alter-ego, I returned to the figure that had captured my entire attention for the year previous: The Magician.

In the tarot, The Magician represents creation, determination, and resourcefulness. In the inverse position, it represents ill intentions, deceit, and confusion. Using these characteristics as inspiration, I created a scene within a small room that shows a brief glimpse of great ambition gone wrong. Summoning apparatuses using everyday objects (loose-leaf printer paper, compact mirrors, a laser pointer) have been left behind, leading the viewers to a burrowed hole in a fabricated wall.